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Here are my FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Although some of them are more relevant to wedding and event photography, I think you'll find them helpful for any purpose. I will update this page as I continue to receive new questions. This FAQ is intended to provide information not elsewhere on the website. 

How do I book you?
For weddings and events I will send you an agreement based on our discussions. When you return the agreement I request a deposit equal to 1/3rd of the total. The remainder is not due until the day of your wedding or event. If your wedding or event is more than 9 months away I can accommodate multiple smaller deposits at your request.

Corporate project bookings are based on standard practices. Please contact me for more information.
Portrait session fees are due at the conclusion of the session.

Do you have back up equipment?
Yes and my back up equipment is of equal quality to my primary equipment. I have two Canon 5D Mark 2 bodies that I bring along with an assortment of lenses and flashes that have overlapping capabilities.

Are my images backed up?
Yes. Before I format the memory cards that I use for your wedding, event, or other project, I make two independent backups of the original image files. The images are backed up to two separate external hard disc drives that are connected to two separate computers. So for example, if my primary computer fails, I can move the hard disc drive to a new computer without any loss of data or time. If the hard disc drive fails, I have your original files on a second hard disc drive that I can work from.

As I complete my post-processing work on your images I upload them to your gallery. This creates yet a third location where your images are backed up in addition to letting you see them as soon as possible. Depending on how many images there are, I will upload them in stages as they are completed further reducing risk of loss. In the gallery the images are in JPG format, but I also keep your images in their original Camera RAW format. My gallery hosting site also performs backups. After I am finished with your images I also copy the original image files to DVDs for long term storage.

Finally, my primary computer and attached disc drives are on a UPS battery backup that provides plenty of time to do a safe shut down in the event of a power outage further safeguarding your images.

What happens to my images afterwards?
The first thing I do is back up your images, see the faq Are my images backed up for more information on this. I then begin processing your images. I shoot everything in Camera RAW format for the best quality and greatest adjustment latitude, but you and commercial print labs need the images in JPG format. I make initial exposure, sharpness, and color saturation adjustments to the RAW image files, then convert them to JPG using carefully selected parameters to produce the best quality at a reasonable file size. This in and of itself is a long discussion, but you'll see that the data file sizes are large for their image sizes. (Please contact me if you'd like to know more about this.)

I then make adjustments to the JPG images for white balance, color balance, lighting & detail optimization and cropping as needed. For weddings & events I usually work on the images in batches and upload them to your personal gallery as they are completed. This way you'll be able to start to see your images as soon as possible.

How long does it take to get my disc(s)?
For weddings & events your disc(s) are usually shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail about a month after your wedding or event. See the faq What happens to my images afterwards? for more information, but I upload your images to your personal gallery as I complete them so you'll see them before having to wait for your disc(s). I usually begin to upload your gallery about two weeks following your wedding or event. In the early part of the season, or other non-peak times the first images are typically uploaded sooner.

Corporate projects and portraits can be turned around in 1 to 2 days if needed depending on the scope of the project and can be available via gallery download for faster delievery. Please contact me for more details.

Can I print my photographs somewhere else?
Yes, you can print your photographs anywhere you'd like. You will have a shared copyright in the photographs so you may also use them on your personal web site too. The only limitation is that you may not resell your images, for example, as stock photographs.

What special effects can I get?
All of your images are in digital format in color so there are a wide variety of options available. Any of your images can be printed in Black & White easily. I can do specific objects in color with the rest of the image in B&W; for example, the bride's bouquet in color and the rest of the image in black & white. I can also do soft focus areas and other special effects. Please ask me for more details.

Can I make personal copies of my disc(s)?
Absolutely, and you should make copies for your personal use and store them in a safe place. These are your digital negatives so you'll want them backed up. If you decide to have your images printed locally from disc you should make a disc with just the images you want printed. Copy all of your images into a sub-directory on your computer. Then make another sub-directory or location for the images you want printed. Copy the images you want printed into the new sub-directory then make a disc of those images. This will make the process much faster and easier at the print location.

Is there a limit to the number of photographs you take?
NO. I take an unlimited number of images. For weddings and events the total number of images or photographs is dependent on a number of factors but, how long you've booked me for is the primary factor. You can look at my wedding and event galleries and see examples of different weddings and how many images were taken for those weddings.